This section contains patches that we did on open source system in order to meet a specific set of business requirements. You are welcome to use them as you like.

VTiger on Postgresql

The aim of this patch is to enable VTiger to work correctly with Postgresql 9.0+ database. Not all of the features are tested to be working yet. Your feedback are most welcome as they help us in improving the quality of this patch. Currently, the patch fixed the following SQL syntax errors in the code that are not supported by Postgresql.

  • Joining character field to integer field
  • Using '0000-00-00 00:00:00' as default date
  • Using limit min, max
  • Using duplicate index name
  • Using non standard GROUP BY syntax
  • Using double quote to enclose character data
  • Inserting NULL into integer field
  • Updating character field without enclosing it in single quote
  • Using MYSQL specific build-in functions
  • Comparing true/false on integer field

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